Jindal’s latest show reeks of desperation

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 26, 2014

After the 2012 presidential election, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal made headlines when he said it was time for the Republican Party to “stop being the stupid party.” It seems Jindal could stand to take his own advice to heart.

Following a meeting among President Barack Obama and

governors from both sides of the political spectrum at the White House, Jindal wasted no time showing his true colors. While other participants have said the talks were generally convivial, as soon as Jindal had the chance to grandstand, he did so, grabbing the nearest microphone to rail against who he must see as his greatest political rival, President Obama.

His first target was a proposed minimum wage increase, which

he likened to waving the white flag of surrender. Strange comments from the man who is in charge of one of the poorest

states in the nation. He went on to rail against the Affordable Care Act and Obama’s refusal thus far to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

It is unsurprising that his statements had little direct connection to helping his constituents in any way.

The fact is, however, the substance of his statements was rendered immaterial by his choice of delivery. By making these statements when he did, he showed that he has no interest in bridging any political differences between the two major parties, while casting the state in a negative light once again.

It seems Jindal is the only one not aware that his presidential aspirations all but faded from view some time ago, and his actions Monday seemed like the desperate moves of someone grasping for the national attention by whatever means necessary.