Just like old times at the veterans home

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 22, 2014

By Monique Roth

RESERVE – Veterans residing at the Southeast Louisiana War Veterans Home in Reserve were treated to “A Day At The Camp” on President’s Day.

The special event included music performed by The River Rats and food provided and served by Spuddy’s Cajun Foods in Vacherie.

A meal of deer sausage on pistolettes, dessert including cookies and s’mores and root beer was served to the veterans, those visiting the residents and staff of the home.

Faucheux said the menu was created to help bring back memories for the veterans of past days spent at hunting and fishing camps.

“We even have beer…well, root beer,” Faucheux said with a smile.

“They get to step back a few years,” Faucheux said about the menu and music.

He said The River Rats play the kind of music that the veterans listened and danced to years ago.

Helping serve the meal were some of Faucheux’s friends, restaurant regulars and family members.

Faucheux said its important to “sacrifice a little of our time for the years they sacrificed for us.”

“Most of them had no choice. They had to serve,” said Faucheux. “We have a choice, and we must do the right thing and serve them.”

Faucheux’s father, Maitland Faucheux, has resided at the home for the past year.

“We can’t thank Spuddy enough for the laughter and love he brings to our vets home while visiting his dad,” said Sonya Hebert, recreation director at the home. “He doesn’t pass a vet without speaking to them, shaking their hand or giving them a hug. His heart is truly into these heroes.”