Keep the right attitude to motivate others

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In all professions, there are many people who have knowledge about their work and can teach the materials but lack the ability to motivate. I have known coaches who know the X’s and O’s of the game, teachers who are thorough as they deliver the subject matter, pastors who can quote the Bible and parents who are raising children with hopes of them making good choices, explaining the consequences they will reap by making bad choices, but many lack one thing — being able to motivate people.

I’ve read many books on motivation. Zig Ziglar, one of the most popular communicators of his day, is known as the “Motivators’ Motivator.”  

The first of Ziglar’s books that I read was “Raising Positive Children in a Negative World.” My only regret is that I read it after my children were grown. Too late for them but just in time for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I’ve heard it said that God gives us grandchildren and great-grandchildren to make

up for the mistakes we made as parents.  

I would like to think that I’ve corrected a few of my major mistakes, but not all. This week, I started reading Ziglar’s book, “You Can Reach the Top.” I’ve read it a few times over the years, but I’m a slow learner.  

He talks about life’s five attitudes: (1) Self-esteem – What you think of yourself; (2) Love – Real love always thinks of the other person; (3) Faith – Your attitude toward God; (4)

Hope – Your attitude toward the future; and (5) Forgiveness – Dealing with the past and your ability to forgive others responsible for hurting you.

In Ziglar’s book, John Maxwell

is quoted as saying: “The goal of many leaders is to get people to think more highly of the leader. The goal of a great leader is to help people think more highly of themselves.”

Ziglar says that maintaining the right attitude is easier than regaining the right attitude. Also, he says that you know you’re at the top when you stand in front of the Creator of the universe, and He says to you, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”


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