GES/GEMS students participate in ‘The Pillowcase Project’

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The American Red Cross knows that teaching children how to prepare for emergencies can help keep their family and communities safe when emergencies happen. That’s why they have developed “The Pillowcase Project,” a program that gives important preparedness information to children on a wide variety of emergency situations.

“The Pillowcase Project” started in New Orleans, where the Red Cross chapter leader learned about some students who had used pillowcases to carry their belongings during an emergency. The chapter began using pillowcases to teach kids about preparedness and

“The Pillowcase Project” soon spread to Red Cross chapters in other states.  

Through “The Pillowcase Project” children learn how to prepare for emergencies, practice what they have learned, and share their knowledge with family and friends.