Norco man taps into magic of King of Pop

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 1, 2014

By Monique Roth

LAPLACE – What started out as a simple Halloween costume has morphed into an outlet for one local man’s passion for performing.

In 2009, just a few months after Michael Jackson’s death in June of that year, Corey Lee decided to dress like Jackson for Halloween. After a night spent dancing and singing like Jackson, and with encouragement from his friends and music producer music producer Kim Hill, Lee decided to start performing track shows as a Jackson impersonator.

During the shows, Lee, while dressed like Jackson down to the sequined glove, dances and lip syncs to the King of Pop’s hit songs while engaging the crowd in his act.   

“The thing I love the most is to feel the positive reaction from the crowd and feeling deeply appreciated,” said Lee.

Lee started out performing at house parties before moving on to larger venues such as local festivals and fairs. He chose SupaBonafide as his stage name.

“The word ‘bonafide’ in many areas signifies a person being genuine, unique or one of a kind,” said Lee.  “It also means one of good faith. Eventually, SupaBonafide became the evolution of my name.”

Lee said his fascination with Michael Jackson started as a young child, and that he can remember watching Motown with his family at gatherings and being mesmerized by Jackson on the screen.

Lee said his favorite type of gig to perform is a cameo act with a band, and that “Billie Jean” is always a crowd favorite wherever he performs.

“I love having a connection with the crowd. Chemistry is the thing you want as far as anything you do,” said Lee. “You have to make the crowd in unison with you. If not, you’re not accomplishing your goal as an entertainer.”

Lee was raised in Reserve and now lives in Norco. He keeps busy aside from Supabonafide shows by working as a butcher at Gre’aud Fine Foods in Norco, spending time as a Norco volunteer firefighter, and serving as a mentor at Norco Adult Learning Center.

Lee graduated from the learning center, and said he loves to go back and talk to the students about how they can achieve their dreams.

Lee also recently worked a choreographer and actor and dancer in “Lord, If I can Help Somebody…,” a Gospel stage play presented by JaVon Ophelia Butler at the St. John Theatre earlier in the month.

In 2014, Lee said he hopes to further develop his show, as well as order some Michael Jackson replica outfits.

“There’s a lot of things I hope for the future that takes little steps at a time,” said Lee. “But I love to perform. My main dream is to be successful.”

More information about Lee and his SupaBonafide performances can be found at or by contacting Lee at