A lesson on the American flag

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 25, 2014

Members of the Rotary Club recently visited the fourth-grade classes at St. Joan of Arc Catholic School to teach the students about the nation’s flag. Their fun presentation explained how the flag originated and evolved over time as well as the correct way to display it. As the Rotarians demonstrated the proper method to fold a flag, the meaning of each fold was read by Cheryl Millet. Eliana DeFrancesch on the left folded the flag carefully as Betty Martin on the right securely held the end of the flag as Cub Scouts Alex Eilers (middle left) and Ethan Seymour (middle right) protected the flag from hitting the floor. Mike Sylvain watched from behind. Each student received a booklet about the U.S. Flag and a flag bracelet. The Rotary members gave the school a new flag.