The mouse ran up the clock

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 18, 2014

Riverside Academy fourth-graders from Odette Vicknair’s and Gail Branch’s language arts classes recently presented two performances of “The Three Little Cyberpigs” written by Jane Tesh and directed by Odette Vicknair. Players traveled 360 degrees around the audience to explore cyberspace with Mother Goose characters guided by the Mouse who ran up the clock. Dressed in costumes made themselves are the three little pigs holding their IPad 2’s – (left to right) Haley Millet, Brayden Landry and Dakota Williams, and the mouse who ran up the clock Emily Weidert.  In the foreground are the three blind mice that the pigs have stopped by to visit – (left to right)  Alysa Epperly, Dylan Heltz and Mason Forsythe.