Genesis week: The creation of everything

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 18, 2014

It began quite simply. A Monday morning Instagram post of Psalm 51:10, The Message version. “God, make a fresh start in me, shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life.” Less than a couple dozen words, yet they became the skeleton upon which my prayers hung that morning.

“Let there be light.” God, as soon as You spoke, light appeared and was separated from darkness. May Your Light continually dispel darkness, bring illumination, and draw my heart towards Yours.

Throughout that Monday, my thoughts found the prayer base formed from the first day of Creation. A Genesis week of prayers followed.

Day Two: When You produced the sky to separate the waters below from those above, a perfect water cycle was created for life to later be sustained. Likewise, I ask You to bring forth perfectly balanced, stable, long-lasting cycles in

my life; cycles

of success, life-giving relationships, and faith-filled days.

Day Three: What a sight it must have been for the face of the water to be broken by land rising from the sea. As the oceans found their places, trees and plants laden with seed and fruit popped up to fill the land. You have also provided a solid foundation for all who run to You. I long to be rooted, grounded in Your Word so that I may provide support, nourishment, and maybe even a little shade for others.

Day Four: You fashioned the sun, moon and stars to govern the days and nights, marking our weeks, months, seasons and years. Thank You, Father, for not only ruling over the times and seasons of my life, but for giving me an increasing awareness of what I am to accomplish during each period.

Day Five: At Your word, fish swarmed in the water as birds flew across the sky. A grand symphony

of living things moved swiftly, jostling against each other, diving and flying. For the first time, life filled both the oceans below and clouds above.  Oh God, may Your life fill the depths of my soul and cause my spirit to soar.

Day Six: Life continued to appear on the earth, this time taking the shape of creatures crawling on the ground and animals roaming the land. While I marvel at Your creativity in designing the animal kingdom, it is Your next step at which I pause. You formed man and woman in Your very image. May my choices and actions consistently reflect Your character.

Day Seven: Rest. Although You do not grow weary, You knew I would. You have made Yourself an example for everything in my life, including my need for rest. During a song, a rest is needed to prevent the notes from being jumbled together, or for the singer to catch her breath. I need rest to recuperate, repair, and rebuild. But that’s not all You did. You blessed this day and set it apart for holy use. Is it because You knew that when I chose to use this day for Your honor and worship, I would not only find rest from my labor, but rest for my soul?

One week. It only took one week. The universe and all it contains was systematically and harmoniously generated by the all-powerful God Who spoke it into existence as His Spirit hovered over the waters. It began quite simply.  

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