Bringing a book to life

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lindsey Luminais and Rachel Louque’s Gramercy Elementary School second-grade classes read the book “Little House on the Prairie.” While this novel was read in reading class, it carried over into social living and writing classes as the students learned about past and present and created covered wagons to show travel from long ago. Students participated in Little House on the Prairie day. During this culminating event, students dressed as their favorite characters from the novel and presented to the class who they were and a major event they faced during the novel. Students had to act like and truly “become” their characters. They also made a connection between themselves and the character they chose. The students also signed their names with a quill feather and ink created from blackberries just as the Ingalls family did. The students were served cornbread, since this was an Ingalls family staple.