The way to heaven is right before you

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 15, 2014

As Jeanne and I were raising our children, we like most parents, wanted the best for them. We chose the best schools. We wanted them to get a good education that would prepare them for their future. We sent them to doctors we trusted with their physical needs. We talked about God, prayed with our children and attended weekly church services, and I think we had at least five Bibles in the house. The prettiest Bible was a big white one with an attractive cover that was placed on the coffee table in the living room. It was there for show and served its purpose well.

The most popular book ever written available to me, but never read until 1980 at age 45. It was then I had a spiritual experience with Jesus and was challenged to read the greatest love story of all times. I heard it said that “BIBLE” stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Since my conversion I have read the Bible many times.  

I’ve heard people say, “I read books, but I don’t get a lot out of the Bible.” In a Daily devotion that I read last week, it said that “many people read the Bible like a newspaper; they read it like any other book.” The Bible, on the other hand, reads you. It is meant to be a love letter from God.

It teaches self worth and denounces self interest. It has the solutions for fear and anxiety, answers to all life’s problems

and guaranteed promises to all who love and serve God with unwavering faith. However

the most important lesson it teaches is the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ. He is

the only mediator between God

and man. There are no substitutes.

As I’m writing this article, I’m reminded of a man I met a few years ago in Washington, D.C., on a Memorial Day Weekend. His name was Albert G. Ludwig, a retired Army staff sergeant from Pennsylvania who served in the Second World War. I only met him once, but we kept in touch with phone calls and letters. I’ll never forget one phone call he said, “Buddy Boy, do you have a compass? And do you use it?” He discerned I was puzzled and quickly added, “I’m talking about the Bible. It gives you the directions to Heaven.”  Sgt. Ludwig died about a year ago and is buried in Arlington Cemetery.

Today as I read God’s Word, I realize that it’s God speaking to me — I am not reading just another book, but it’s God reading me. I pray that all of my family will read His Book and allow him to talk to them.

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