A true example of God’s miracle

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 18, 2013

On Saturday, Jeanne and I attended our granddaughter Elise’s graduation from Nicholls State. I don’t know of many people who enjoyed college, or Thibodaux, as much as she did. In fact, she stated many times during the past month that she wishes she could live the last four years all over.  
Elise really enjoys life, and it shows. Now 22 years old, she has learned to enjoy every day and gets the most out of each one.
It’s hard to believe how time flies! In 1992, exactly 21 years ago, her mother was diagnosed with acute leukemia. Elise, only 15 months, stayed with us and slept between Jeanne and me when her mother had to undergo chemotherapy over an 11-month period. She probably doesn’t remember any of that, but we do.  
Thanks to a merciful God, her mother was completely healed.
When Elise was 10 years old, after complaining with stomach problems for a couple of weeks, she was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. The initial news was devastating to all of us, but her mother, Ronny, said, “God has allowed this to happen to perform another miracle in our family.”  
Elise went to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans and under the care of Dr. Yu and several rounds of chemotherapy, along with the love and compassion of the entire hospital staff, she was healed.
Her stay in the hospital, with all the sickness and terminally ill children, was an eye-opener for me. With all of that, the one thing I remember the most, and so does Elise, is when one of her classmates called and told her that one good thing was if she died, she’ll go to Heaven. Elise cried and told her mom, “Please don’t give me the phone if she calls again.”  
Elise was later asked by the “Make-A-Wish” foundation where in the United States would she like to visit. She said, “New York!” She was told that most children wanted to go to Disney World. Elise shared that she just wanted to walk around Ground Zero and experience the excitement in New York. Her wish was granted, and a few years ago, together with her family, she enjoyed a four-day visit to New York for Christmas, all expenses paid.
She graduated with a degree in family consumer services. She plans to get her master’s and then, hopefully, get a job in a hospital setting working with children.  
Her story is a good example of what the devil meant for destruction, God meant for good.
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