Planning ahead to find the right Christmas gift

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 7, 2013

I don’t have a plan. Not yet. But then again, maybe I don’t need one. My children are all adults. Do I really need to shop in secret, hide their presents, and put fake name tags on their brightly wrapped Christmas gifts?
Yes. I probably do.
My deceptive name tag system began years ago. Because I am not an organized, methodical shopper, I would sometimes buy and wrap all of the gifts for one child while another’s list remained untouched. To avoid possible discord created by gifts for only one person under the tree, rather than writing the recipient’s name on the gift  I chose numbers, names of animals, candy, gems, or reindeer to label their presents. To my knowledge, no child has ever correctly guessed which gifts were theirs.  On Christmas morning, I would reveal the names. Throughout December I had almost as much fun listening to them trying to figure out their Christmas identity as I had watching them open their gifts on Christmas morning.
Although my husband would disagree, I do not go overboard buying Christmas gifts, but I do put a lot
of thought into what I purchase. I love to supply a need or fulfill a wish, but I especially enjoy finding something I think they’d enjoy.  
So I buy, wrap and wait for the
right time to reveal the gift I’ve prepared.
As I recently sat before God, embraced by the quiet early morning, I began to release my concerns, questions, and petitions to the One Who soothes my soul. At the end of this written prayer, (which began “And on a serious, sobering note…” Who prays like that?!) I added, “Thank You for the future You
have planned, prepared, and tucked away until it is time to be revealed.” Then right there, following my unconventional prayer, scenes of
my past Christmas gift giving practices which I’ve previously described flashed through my mind so vividly I could almost hear the young voices of my now grown children.
Through those precious memories, God funneled His Heavenly peace. I’m always amazed by God’s method of using snippets from the past to comfort me. During the seconds it took to relive the memories, I
rested in the knowledge that my Heavenly Father has already given the greatest gift, His Son Jesus, “in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” (Colossians 1:14) Additionally, He will always provide what I need at the proper time
and maybe even add a few blessed surprises as He’s done in the past.
In the pureness and power of His love, He has prepared my tomorrows.
He always, always has a plan.
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