A prayer come true

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 30, 2013

The day was a blur, and not just because an eye condition left me without my contact lenses.
Twenty-eight years of praying for a wife for Geoffrey, my only son, ended on Nov. 23, his wedding day. Why did I begin praying for a wife for my tiny (10 pound) baby boy? Because I wanted her, whoever she was, wherever she was, to be nurtured, protected and eventually prepared for marriage to my son.
Geoffrey has been an absolute joy to raise. He is intelligent, kind, quick-witted and has maintained emotional stability throughout the many moods of his four sisters. Simply put, he sails on the Sea of Tranquility. His words are few, but wisely well chosen, and when he speaks, his sisters pay attention. However, parties are not on his list of priorities.
Far more practical than I, he reserves his time and energy on the practice of the law and sports. I don’t think he has ever understood the need his sisters and I have for fellowship with others, food and fun. Ashley Schwertz changed that.
For weeks she was a mystery. Geoffrey’s sisters picked up on tiny clues that would have gone unnoticed by most. Their Internet stalking reached new heights as they dug to uncover bits of information about the young lady their brother had been dating. Finally, on Lauren’s birthday, she asked her brother for one thing: to meet his girlfriend. Being the brother he is, Geoffrey fulfilled Lauren’s only request. And the rest is our family’s history.
The many preparations leading to Geoffrey and Ashley’s wedding day produced a beautiful event: a ceremony lovingly performed by Geoffrey’s grandfather and a reception thoroughly enjoyed by the family and friends who gathered to celebrate the couple’s marriage.
It was joy to watch Geoffrey smile and laugh and dance! I think he finally realized the importance of celebrations and why I place such an importance on them. Despite expectations, life sometimes includes rocky places, disappointing circumstances, and quite a few lemons. So we make lemonade, persevere and wipe each other’s tears. But when something wonderful happens, like Geoffrey and Ashley’s wedding, I believe in joyous celebrations.
Even without my contact lenses, it was clear to see that Geoffrey and Ashley thoroughly enjoyed their first day as man and wife.
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