St. Charles Satellite Center supports 2013 Fall Trash Bash

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The St. Charles Satellite Center strives to create team members that are involved citizens and show pride in their community. To help accomplish this, the Center has monthly team days that focus on building collaboration and citizenship skills through various community based activities. To create the teams, all of the members are divided up and randomly placed into a team. Each teams is then paired with a duo of facilitators that guide the team during the activities.
 For the first teams day of the year, the teams set out to help beautify St. Charles Parish by participating in the Parish’s “Fall Trash Bash.” The teams in the morning session traveled to Louisiana Highway 3160 in Hahnville and the teams in the afternoon session headed out to CC Road in Montz. These particular roads were chosen because they each had an abundance of litter and have wide shoulders that provided space for team members to work.
 During the morning session the teams were able to clean all of Highway 3160. The afternoon teams did their best to clean the entire CC Road, but because of its length, were not able to clean the whole road. However, they did clean up a substantial amount of trash and made a significant environmental impact on the area around the road.
 For their next teams days the center is planning to send a team to Habitat For Humanity in New Orleans, read at some of the School district’s 4-year-old programs, and visit with the residents of the Ashton Assisted Living Center. If you know of an organization or individual that is in need of assistance contact Denise Robichaux or Rhitt Growl at 985-785-2080.