The greatest miracle is a changed life

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I’m grateful that I have the privilege of dealing with people battling addictions. I must admit that it can be discouraging at times.  
Speaking at the drug rehabilitation center this past weekend to 23 young men was one of those times. Eight of them were there for using heroin intravenously. On my way home, I thought of how the drug problem is getting worse and that heroin use is an epidemic.  
Sometimes you get to feeling that it’s a losing battle, but that’s when God allows you to be encouraged.  
On Monday afternoon, I received a call from John, a man that I met at Fontainebleau Treatment Center in Mandeville six years ago. He was excited
to tell me that he just celebrated his sixth anniversary of being sober. He said that it was rough at first,
but after two years, he remembered that one night he was lying in his bed and asked God to remove his addictive disorder. “I cried for over an hour, and since then I’ve had peace in my life,” he said. He shared that now he has a great life and is studying to become a drug counselor. “I’m so excited!” he repeated. “I want to tell people what happened in my life. I feel an urgent desire to give my testimony whenever I have the opportunity. What comes from the heart reaches the heart, Mr. Keller, and I just tell people what’s in my heart.”
John evidently realizes that the secret to living is giving.
That phone call assured me, again, that God is faithful. He always gives us what we need when we need it.   
Believe me, Monday I needed to hear John’s testimony. It gave me the encouragement to keep on keeping on and that the greatest miracle is a changed life.
While speaking of encouragement, maybe Thanksgiving is a good time to encourage someone who may be struggling with life’s issues.
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