Pumpkin carving tradition

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The students in Christa Arcuri’s kindergarten class at St. Joan of Arc Catholic School were part of a pumpkin carving tradition in the Templet family. Ray Templet began a tradition years ago when he visited each of his children’s classes each year at this time to carve pumpkin for their classes. He continues that tradition with his granddaughter, Molly. Above, the class poses for a picture with their class pumpkin. They are (left to right) Reylin Smith, Joshua Whitener, Braden Bourgeois, Ella White, Claude Remondet, Kayden Cannon, Dax Pregeant, Molly Brady, Colston Tribe, Emily Terrio, Brandon Phillip, Travis Marchetta, Ava White, Kaileena Breaux, Kori Williams, Nathaly Villezcas and Joshua Laugand.