New Orleans’ professional basketball team, which took the name “Pelicans” this year, recently unveiled Pierre, its new mascot. For better or worse, the bird, which some argue looks more like a murderous chicken than a pelican, has taken the Internet by storm. What do you think of the new mascot?

Published 12:19 pm Monday, November 11, 2013

C5EAE12F-1C50-0001-846E1E201A125A50 I love it. The scarier the better. 250
C5EAE136-15B0-0001-AAAF4BF0A0C0162E Hate it. They could have done a lot better with the costume. 62
C5EAE148-BCA0-0001-D8821590C940FA20 They should have stuck with “Hornets.” 604