Industry breakfast honors parish’s young artists

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 30, 2013

By David Vitrano

RESERVE – The St. John Industrial Group gathered for its annual community breakfast recently, not only touting its recent track record but also recognizing student artists across the parish.
The lines of the building at DuPont where the breakfast was held were lined with drawings created by young people in grades three through six, some of whom may grow up to be the industrial leaders of the parish.
“It started when I was 6 years old,” said Master of Ceremonies Cedrick Jones of Evonik, who said a chemistry set got him started on his career path.
Following recognition of the winning artists, who each received a Wal-Mart gift card as well as a certificate honoring their accomplishments, a short presentation was given by a representative from each of the industrial members. The members of the St. John Industrial Group are Air Products Reserve, Air Products Garyville, ArcelorMittal, DuPont, Evonik, Marathon and Nalco.
Each presentation included information such as number of employees, percentage of local employees, size of payroll, tax contributions and amount of pollution produced by each site. The safety record at each site was also noted.
The students artists recognized at the event were:
Third grade
• First place – Imari Turner, Riverside Academy
• Second place – Sorcha Evans, John L. Ory
• Third place – Tayah Cook, East St. John Elementary
• Honorable mention – Alexis Knoy, St. Peter; Ethan Marino, Emily C. Watkins; Brayden McAcy, Riverside Academy
Fourth grade
• First place – Londoyn Desormo, Emily C. Watkins
• Second place – Gary Sims, Ascension of Our Lord
• Third place – Cahryn Bynum, East St. John Elementary
• Honorable mention – Elias Ayme, Riverside Academy; Kori Johnson, West St. John Elementary; Morgan Randolph, Ascension of Our Lord
Fifth grade
• First place – Ashlyn Woods, Ascension of Our Lord
• Second place – Anthony Jackson, Emily C. Watkins
• Third place – Christopher Hammett, John L. Ory
• Honorable mention – Bjorn Senauth, Ascension of Our Lord
Sixth grade
• First place – Amber Hotard, St. Joan of Arc
• Second place – Sarah Grosse, Ascension of Our Lord
• Third place – Jerrod Jessie Jr., LaPlace Elementary School
• Honorable mention – Kevin Davenhauer, Ascension of Our Lord; Gyni Monique Espadron, St. Joan of Arc; Kayla Johnson, Our Lady of Grace