Who are the true chickens?

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 19, 2013

I’ll never forget speaking to the football team at Central Lafourche High School more than 25 years ago. I asked the team, “How many of you have used illegal drugs?” No one raised their hands.  
“How many of you have never drunk alcohol?” Only one player raised his hand. “How do you handle the peer pressure?” I asked. Confidently, he said, “I am the peer pressure.” He had made a choice to be different.
Today, I know many young people who have a desire to be different but eventually give in to the intimidation of their peers.
The following is an old message by an unknown author so timely for today’s teenagers looking for their identity:
A marijuana joint is thrust into the nervous face of an uncooperative teenager. Others are watching, listening as the deadly question is tauntingly asked: “What’s the matter? Are you chicken?” The poisonous weed is quickly inhaled to prove his courage.
Cold beer is passed around to all the occupants of a fast-moving car. One girl hesitates to accept the illegally-purchased beverage. Someone jeers, “You’re not chicken, are you?” The young girl begins to drink while her companions cheer her on. Her courage has been proven. Or has it? I wonder…who are the real cowards? Who’s chicken?
A chicken is someone who will do wrong just to keep a few so-called friends happy. A chicken can’t bear to be laughed at for being a “square.” A chicken is someone who runs with the wild crowd because they have no guts to stand alone for what is right. A chicken is someone who can’t cope with moral responsibility and so withdraws fearfully into a coward’s world of drugs, sex and alcohol.
Young people, it takes raw courage to tell others, “I don’t need the stuff.” For too long now, brave uncompromising teenagers have been unjustly ridiculed and made to seem like weak chickens. Hey, are you tough? OK, prove it! Stand tall! Walk straight! Live right! Your courage will be seen by all those around you. Many chickens will want to follow your example. God will want to bless you for it. Come on! You can do it – if you’re not chicken!
Thought – “Stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.”
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