Landlord charged after filing false report

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 16, 2013

LAPLACE – A Mt. Airy landlord was arrested last week for falsifying a report that resulted in the arrest of his former resident, Jared Hebert.
Shaine Hymel, 26, originally told deputies that he evicted Jared Hebert, 22, from his residence on Sept. 21. Hymel had allegedly given authorities video from his home security system showing Hebert at the residence, retrieving his belongings while Hymel was not home. Detectives obtained
and executed a search warrant, where they recovered the stolen handgun. Based on
the information
Hymel provided, Hebert was arrested on Tuesday, Oct. 1, and charged with theft of a firearm and theft-$500-$1500.
Hymel met with detectives again on Monday and recanted the reported theft of his handgun and cellphone. He confessed that he authorized Hymel to take his handgun and cellphone.
Shaine Hymel was arrested and booked with false swearing for purpose of violating public health or safety.