St. Joseph Plantation starts Mourning tours

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 2, 2013

As we quickly approach the fall season and All Saints Day, St. Joseph Plantation has begun preparations for the annual Mourning Tour of the custom and traditions of 1800s Creole Louisiana.
During this period, religion was deeply woven in the daily lives of the predominately Roman Catholic families throughout south Louisiana. From attending Sunday Mass, to morning, evening and before meals, daily prayer was of utmost importance to these families. Rosaries recited on a Prie Dieu, as well as lighting of holy candles were part of traditions what were faithfully followed for generations.
St. Joseph’s Mourning Tour will run until through Nov. 5 and features the plantation home dressed in “deep mourning.”  Doors are draped in black, as well as musical instruments closed.  Mirrors are covered and a black draped coffin is placed in the main hall, which was part of Creole customs of visitation. Each room will be decorated accordingly, as these century old customs are incorporated into the regular plantation tour.  
St. Joseph Plantation, 3535 Louisiana Highway 18, Vacherie, is open for tours six days a week, closed on Wednesday. Tours begin at 10 a.m., through 3 p.m. and are offered every hour on the hour.  
Group rates are available. For more information, call 225-265-4078, visit