Counting the blessings

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I realize that the celebration of Thanksgiving is not until November, but today I feel so grateful for all God’s blessings.  
He gave me a wife who only knows how to love unconditionally. We have four children, Ronny, Matt, Kay and Ann, who are as unselfish as any people I know. I thank God that they have inherited Jeanne’s character. Together, they have given us 15 grandchildren.
Ronny, our oldest child, is married to Michael Michel, and they have five children.  
Their oldest child, Monique, is an academic advisor and instructor at Southeastern University. She is married to Frank Roth. They have a 7-month old daughter, Olivia.  
Geoffrey, our oldest grandson, is an assistant district attorney in St. John Parish. He and his fiancée, Ashley Schwertz, will be married Nov 23.  
Lauren has a daughter, Adeline, who is a year-and-a-half. She is the only child I know who has never slept in her baby bed.  
Elise, a cancer survivor, will graduate from Nicholls State in December and plans to work on her masters. This semester, she has the privilege of doing her internship with the “Make A Wish” foundation in Metairie.
Victoria is a freshman at Nicholls State. She is a free spirit that we think has it together, even though the second week of school she sat in the wrong class for an hour.
Our son, Matt, is married to Monica Martinez. They have four children.
Their oldest child, Amber, is the only one who lives out of the area in Birmingham. Her husband, Josh Canizaro, is an assistant pastor. They have two children, Caleb and Liv, who are “live wires.” We have to prepare a week in advance before they visit.
Mattie is married to Ben Canizaro, and they have a son named Carter. (That’s right – sisters married brothers.) Ben is a hard-worker and a good provider that allows Mattie to be a stay-at-home mom.
Kane, 22 years old, not only looks like me, but also thinks like me. (That’s scary!) God has an exciting plan for his life, and I’m anxious to see what it is.
Kameron, 18, our youngest grandchild and a senior at St. Charles Catholic School, is quiet, polite and respectful of others. He loves baseball and basketball and does well in school.
Kay is married to Tony Serven, and they have four children.
Their oldest daughter, Brandi, is our first grandchild and is married to Tim House. They gave us our first great-grandchild, Jaden, who is 6 years old.  
Kerri’s husband is Justin Smith. She attends Southeastern University and wants to be a teacher. Their
son, Dylan, also 6 years old, is
excited about his mother expecting our ninth great-grandchild in February.
David is as compassionate as his grandmother. He goes out with a pretty young lady named Jeanne.
Tiffany is a junior at ULL, majoring in accounting. She plans to become a C.P.A. She is very focused and does well in school.
Our youngest child, Ann, is married to Michael Watson. They have two children.
Brittany, a registered nurse, is married to Justin Smith. (That’s right – two granddaughters married two Justin Smiths.) They have a son named Isaac.
Amanda is very special. She would do anything for anyone. She graduated from Southeastern in December and is still searching to see exactly what God has planned for her life.  
The Bible says in Proverbs 17:6 that children’s children are the crown of an old man. He has blessed me with a crown of jewels.
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