There are saints in circulation

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 14, 2013

I don’t know much about Lord Oliver Cromwell, however I read something about him that held a very important lesson for me. During his reign, coin production was threatened because of a shortage of silver. Men were sent to a local Cathedral in search of this precious metal. They reported that the only silver was in the statues standing in the corners of the Cathedral. Lord Cromwell responded, “Good. We’ll melt down the saints and put them in circulation!”
I like his theology.
What does it mean to be a saint melted and in circulation? I believe it means that you have allowed the heat of trials to mold you into a better, more patient, less judgmental person. You then search for ways to invest in the lives of others by becoming involved in your community and responding to the needs there.  
It means that you are not afraid to speak of God outside of the confines of the church. When someone asks for prayer, you don’t just say that you will; you really pray.  
I know saints who are in circulation. You probably do, too. They coach the little league teams because they want to be a positive example to the children. They volunteer at the hospitals or schools. They open the doors to their homes and the gates to their pools so that their children’s friends have a place to hangout.
Saints in circulation don’t have their Christian lives neatly separated from their secular interests.
They believe that wherever they go, they represent Christ and are unashamed to speak of Him. They bring their convictions to the sales meetings, the job sites and even on vacation.
You might run into them at
Disney World or Sandwich World, Popeye’s or PJ’s. They are the
ones who take the time to smile, offer an encouraging word and
slow down to listen if you need to talk.
Appearing in church on Sunday mornings and maintaining your best behavior for a couple of hours is not that much of a challenge. Walking through the exit doors and into the world is where the test begins.
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