The love of money

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The majority of people believe that money is the root of all evil. That’s not accurate, but the love of money is.  
Greed, or covetousness, is a passionate love of worldly goods. It is a desire to accumulate and possess material things. It will make a person go to any length, just or unjust, in order to acquire wealth. This vice, like all others, increases the more we gratify it. Have you ever come across a greedy, rich man who says that he had enough worldly goods?
In my lifetime, I have seen many people who consider success as being measured by what they have accumulated. I’ve known many men who have worked hard, made a lot of money and have enjoyed the fruits of their labor. Some have never lost an opportunity to increase their wealth without regard to justice or injustice. I’m amazed how many of them live poor, miserable lives. They only think of money, and more often than not, they die in spiritual poverty.
A person who loves money and possessions does not love God, their neighbor or themselves. The Word of God says we cannot serve God and mammon. We will love one and hate the other. The cares and riches of the world will crowd out of our soul the seeds of faith.
I know many wealthy men. Most of them love and hoard their possessions. Only a few have found the remedy for a greedy spirit. The Word of God says it’s more blessed to give than to receive. They fight the temptation to be greedy with generosity, knowing that generosity is a healthy disposition of heart. They finally understand that the secret to living is giving and look for opportunities to give to the less fortunate, because it opens the door to a greater love for God and peace of mind.
The anxieties of this life, with its riches and passing pleasures, do not prevent or distract them from seeking the true riches of the life to come.
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