Knowledge key to good employment

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Labor Department released some mixed news about the U.S. job market yesterday.
Anyone just reading the headlines might have thought the news that the unemployment rate in the United States has fallen to its lowest level in almost five years. The Labor Department added the caveat, however, that with employers adding far fewer jobs than predicted, the dip was because more Americans have simply stopped looking for work.
What is often overlooked in these reports, however, is that at the same time many positions continue to go unfilled simply because of a lack of skilled and trained applicants.
In many ways, industry is king in the River Parishes. And with more industrial development coming to the region all the
time, the demand for local skilled labor is never in a lull. Luckily, students in the River Parishes have a number of options to gain the knowledge crucial to landing one of these well-paying positions.
South Central Louisiana Technical College in Reserve offers numerous paths of study for those seeking employment in the industrial sector. What’s more, students no longer have to wait until graduation to begin coursework. Dual enrollment and career diploma programs in St. John, St. James and St. Charles parishes can help prepare students for employment at one of the regions many plants or businesses serving the industrial sector. For some, it is even possible to have that two-year degree in hand by the time of high school graduation.
Also, facilities such as the Career and Technical Center
in St. James Parish and the Satellite Center in St. Charles Parish can expose students to career paths that are not necessarily promoted at traditional four-year universities. What’s more, such facilities along with dual enrollment programs may show some students a course of study they do not wish to pursue before incurring tuition expenses.
So, although the national job market recovery has been slow to nonexistent, here in the River Parishes opportunities abound if you have the drive and know-how.