Drunk driving can destroy anyone

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 7, 2013

On Wednesday morning, I received a call from Mrs. Sandra Harrison of St. James. She shared that on Aug. 18, her husband was killed by a drunk driver. She said she reads my article every week and always knew that drunk drivers kill but didn’t realize the impact on a family until it happened to her family.  
The fatal accident happened on Louisiana Highway 18 at about 6 p.m. Her husband, Antonio, and her 15-year-old twin girls were coming back from Donaldsonville and were only 10 miles from home. Her girls survived, but one was seriously injured, which will keep her off her feet and out of school for five months. The other escaped with less serious injuries.
As we spoke, I sensed a calmness about Mrs. Sandra even though the accident happened only three weeks ago. “How are you and the girls doing?” I asked. “Mr. Keller, I have faith in God, and we will be alright,” she answered.  
I’ve heard that many times from people, and it sounds good but not very sincere. The difference is evidently she knew her Savior. I never met her or her husband, but with the faith and spirit she has, I feel like Mr. Antonio must be enjoying eternity with His Heavenly Father. I understand the drunk driver is in jail with a bond of $250,000.  
The Bible says the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. He did a good job on the Harrisons by destroying the head of the house but was unable to kill the faith of a godly wife.  
My sympathy goes out to the family, but after my conversation with Mrs. Sandra, they will come out stronger.  
My heart is grieved for the drunk driver. His life will never be the same. If he is still in jail next week, I hope to go and see him. Sometimes we forget that Jesus came to save the lost. The drunk driver, at least, has time to repent and change his life.
Next week I’ll conduct my monthly DWI classes for the 29th and 40th Judicial District Courts. I’ll have about 20 people who were found guilty of DWI. I’ll remind them that but for the Grace of God, that could have happened to them.
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