Let the games begin

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Last week, fans got a taste of prep sports action through football and volleyball jamborees. But this week, the games start to count. L’Observateur would like to wish good luck, good health and safe travels to all of our local prep teams, coaches and athletes for the upcoming school year.
It’s a happier start to the season than last, for sure. Last fall saw Hurricane Issac push sports and so many of our favorite pastimes to the backburner as the community had to pull together and rebuild. The start to competition was delayed, and nearly all of our teams struggled early on, with many coaches and athletes dealing with personal loss and in the case of East St. John, the loss of its school. We also saw that the people of our community are a special breed, able to band together and accomplish some truly great things. The Wildcats indeed pulled through to remarkably make the postseason in football; the other three St. John Parish teams overcame the storm to each advance at least one round into the postseason.
Our athletes impressed statewide with their commitment and perseverance. To all of you, remember that regardless of whether you ultimately win
or lose, put your best self on display. Exhibit sportsmanship toward your opponents and
teammates. Know that just as you rely on your teammates to be accountable, they likewise rely on you.
And, most of all, enjoy yourselves and have fun out there. You only get to be a high school athlete once.