Mentoring program to kick-off with new school year

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DESTREHAN – Destrehan High School is preparing to welcome its new freshman class. One hundred twenty students have been invited to serve as mentors for incoming freshmen, modeling the nationally recognized Kick-Off Program. The goals are to assist schools in improving graduation rates by targeting the factors that lead students to success after high school. Upperclassmen mentors are given the task of helping freshman make a positive transition between the worlds of junior high and high school while emphasizing the importance of grades, attendance, behavior and involvement in school activities. The program has been offered at DHS for the past four years and remains highly effective because it is student-led, offers each new student a personal mentor and provides an opportunity for each new student to develop a deep connection to the school.  The mentors also excel as leaders of the school and contribute to school spirit and a positive climate.
 DHS hosted its KOM training seminar for the 2013-14 school year in the school’s library. David Maurer, a national KOM trainer, enacted a series of team-building exercises and lessons that will prepare the students to offer a personalized school experience for new students.  Lunch was sponsored by Valero St. Charles. 
 Student mentors for the upcoming school year are Austin Abbate, Chandler Adams, DeAndre Armstrong, Christina Arrechevala, Chloe Babineaux, Macy Bennett, Jade Berfect, Kennedy Bilello, Dorian Blanchard, Dominique Blount, Peyton Bourgeois, Noah Bowers, Ryan Brewer, Adonai Britton, Lacey Brock, Julia Brotherson, Breoin Brumfield, Kyle Burnam, Jahrae Bynum, Cody Cambre, Jacob Cambre, Destine’ Cammon-Thompson, Destiny Casbon, Jariel Charlot, Celine Clark, Hailey Clark, Taylor Clear, Emily Cobos, Cree Craven, Alexander Creel, Je’Men Daniels, Zach Dantin, Rachel Daries, Macey David, Lisa Dempsey, Casey Desentz, Eric Diggs, Ragan Digirolamo, Amanda Draughan, Quane Drayton, Rebekah Dufour, Mia Dufresne, Emmaline Edwards, Brunna Edwards, Mitchell Erwin, Hannah Eugene, Ashlynn Evans, Ebony Francois, Kelsey Felton,  Thomjana Ferguson, Tristen Fisher, Rejanne Fobb, Kerry Ford, Morgan Foret, Larissa Gonzales-Rubio, Alexis Guerra, Katelyn Guillote, Anna Hall, Allison Hebert, Brittany Hirstius, Brooke Holly, Dequaz Humphries, Austin Hymel, Emily Hymel, Donovan Isom, Alexis Jackson, Savannah Joseph, Chelsea Kirk, Ashlyn Latour, Morgan LeBlanc, Jessica Manzanarez, Eileen Marrero, Julisa Martijn, Ronnell Martin, Will Matthews, Cameron Mauk, Sean Mathieu,  Hannah McDuffie, Samdrael McKay, Olivia Messina, Alaina Meyer, Kennetta Miller, Shelby Mitchell, Sidney Moore, Alexis Nguyen, J’Rae Nunnery, Burnice Parks, Courtney Pfalzgraf, Austin Riecke, Emily Rigby, Gregory Robertson, Nicole Robichaux, Abby Rochelle, Lynzy Rochelle, Victoria Rochon, Jill Rocquin, Emmanuel Rodriguez, Maria Rodriguez, Ian Rogers, Tate Roussel, Taylor Ruffin, Marcela Saavedra, Sophia Sandoval, Megan Schexnaydre, Shelby Schexnaydre, Molli Schmitt, Jillian Schnowski, Renee Staub, Peyton Steib, Jordan Stephens, Relaunia Stepter, Elizabeth Weinell, Alexa Williams, Samantha Williams, Jannine Willright, Lamitra Wells, Allison Wray, Kristen Yent, and Dominique Young.
 DHS seniors Matthew Chauvin, Aunja Fenroy, Courtney Parker, Sarah Robichaux, Princess Vinnett, Emily Weber, and Landon Zeringue will serve as members of the
Kick-Off Council. The group is sponsored by Cori Luquet and Jessica Glass.
 Tomorrow, DHS will host a freshman orientation, and these KOMS will get their first opportunity to serve as school ambassadors. For more information, call 985-764-9946.