Student government officers from LCTCS attending annual conference in Florida

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 6, 2013

By Kimberly Hopson

RESERVE – The  South Central Louisiana Technical College’s chapter of the American Student Government Association will be participating in a national new officer training conference next week.
The four-day conference will take place in Orlando, Fla. According to Judith Wright, a professor at the college, this will be the chapter’s third year in attendance. Wright said the conference has proven to be a very fun and valuable event for the school’s student life. The students will network with other student leaders and administrators from across the country. The officers will also learn how to recruit more students, how to deal with conflict and negativity among members, how to make meetings more effective and how to gain publicity for the club.
Newly inducted ASGA President Natoya Sanchez said she was not pleased that she and Vice President Amanda Cooke ran unopposed at this year’s election. Sanchez said that students should come to the meetings because the group discusses what is going on in the school.
“That was a bit of a problem for us. That’s pretty much our goal right now while we’re in office, to kind of revamp it. We noticed a lot of people at the school really aren’t involved in it as they probably should be,” said Sanchez. “The students are actually funding SGA. When your fees are added up, there’s an SGA fee there.”
Sanchez and Cooke said they hope the conference will help them gain a better understanding of their roles in the group since neither has any experience in the position.