St. James Council adopts mosquito control ordinance

Published 12:47 pm Thursday, June 6, 2013

VACHERIE – On Wednesday evening, the St. James Parish Council adopted a previously dicussed mosquito-spraying ordinance, but not without some dissent.

The ordinance passed with a 5-1-1 vote — Councilmen Alvin. St. Pierre, Terry McCreary, Ken Brass, Ralph Patin and James Brazan all said yes without hesitation. District II Councilman Jason Amato voiced a decisive no.

District V Councilman Charles Ketchens abstained from the vote.

“I just don’t see the interest in mosquito control,” said Amato.

The councilman said that he had done his best over the past few weeks to gauge public interest in the matter but received little to no response. Amato said he even asked around during the Lutcher Quarterback Club’s annual Bulldog Golf Tournament.

“Sewage, back water flood control, that’s probably an ordinance in itself. Not mosquitos. Not for this kind of money yet,” said Amato.

Parish President Timmy Roussel assured Amato that sewage and flood water control still remained a top priority but advised that the council should not avoid passing the ordinance since standard mosquito control measures for the average citizen have become more expensive.

“Mosquito repellant (is) $6 and something a can. Probably figure you can go through six cans. Or you have citronella candles, and the varieties and forms of that are $3, $5 and of course $7 and $8. People are spending money to keep mosquitoes off them through those means. It’s just a good contrast, to what people are already paying. They might not need to buy that if we go into this control system,” said Roussel.

St. Pierre agreed with this point.

Amato also voiced concern at the lack of participation from the town of Lutcher. According to the ordinance, Lutcher and Gramercy were to be included in the service once the signed a contract with the parish, but only Gramercy has come through so far.