Honoring all the 4-H volunteers

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 18, 2013

By Kimberly Hopson

GARYVILLE – The St. John 4-H Club celebrated the work of its dedicated volunteers with its annual volunteer appreciation banquet at San Francisco Plantation.
The recipients  of the 4-H Organizational Club Leaders awards were: Cathy Abbate, Bridget Colly, Peri Eldnidge, Guindella Joseph, Lenni Martinez, Kelly Perret, Patti Rodrigue, Ashley Ulicsni, Tiffany Benoit, Chandra Darville, Lynn Garro, Michele Laurent, Tina McAlister, Alicia Periloux, Mayta Samuels, Tracy Watkins, Irene Burl, Amy DiMaggio, Sandra Guillot, Lisa Leblanc, Aimee’ Perret, Heather Reese and Kelly Thompson.
The recipients of the Community Volunteers awards were: Chad Aguillard, Mariah Bock, Bernell Charles, Michael Dean, Richard Gibbs, Sandi Lambert, Greg Maurin, Sharon Roy-Diehl, Larry Sorapuru, Joseph Sylvain Sr., Emily Voros, Laverne Aguillard, Kim Bourgeois, Cynthia CLifton, Randy DeSoto, Tamara Holland, Katrina Levron, Shelly Narcisse, Racheal Sance, Aleshia Sylvain, Mala Taylor, James Wagner, Agnes Andrews, Roxanne Campbell, Anthony Cox, Vercell Fiffie, Lorraine Jackson, Shiela Louper, Rejean Populas, Dottie Shorty, Edna Jean Sylvain and Robbie Tomeny.
After the plaques were handed out, attendees also participated in a random raffle where they received prizes such as potted plants, lunch bags and baseball caps.
St. John 4-H promotes youth involvement in science, engineering and technology. The organization recently took a walk into the world of healthy living by promoting the School Garden Project. The gardens help students learn about making better food choices, encourage physical activity and lead to healthier environments at home and in the community. In addition, gardens provide a positive incentive for students to work together.
“These kinds of projects could not happen without the hard work and dedication of its leaders and volunteers. 4-H hosted its annual appreciation banquet to thank and honor these individuals,” said Joseph Sylvain Jr. of the LSU Ag Center, which administers the 4-H program.