Active fun at John L. Ory’s Relay Recess

Published 10:07 am Tuesday, May 14, 2013

By Kimberly Hopson

LAPLACE – Students at John L. Ory Magnet School had the chance to release their pent up pre-summer vacation energy in a fun and productive Relay for Life event last Wednesday

The event was called Relay Recess. Instead of the usual walk, students at the school were allowed to do activities such as potato sack racing, a bunny hop, a hula hoop contest, a three-legged race and a 50-yard-dash. Participating students were also encouraged to wear a hat and plenty of sunscreen to protect them from the elements.

Randie Bailey, a math teacher at the school, organized the event as the school’s team captain and a member of the St. John the Baptist Parish Relay for Life committee. The event raised nearly $500. Bailey said the students had an excellent time during the event.

“Relay Recess is about bringing awareness to the kids. We focus on many things: nutrition and exercise, to build your body healthy from the inside out. We focus on using sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, and we also focus on not using tobacco or becoming a tobacco user,” said Bailey.

According to its mission, the Relay Recess program increases knowledge of healthy behaviors, helps create closer relationships among teachers, students and parents, and teaches students the importance of community service while boosting school morale.

“They are having so much fun. This is the first year we have done Relay Recess, but every year Ory has done exceptionally well (with fundraising). Our kids raise every penny that we bring in to Relay for Life. It’s been well received by the kids. They are more than excited to participate,” said Bailey.