Show compassion by taking action

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Former President Jimmy Carter was a Sunday school teacher in his church. Recalling it in an interview, he said: “Most church members – including me – rarely reach outside to people who are different from us or less fortunate.”  
He went on to share that around Thanksgiving, members of the Bible group would suggest taking up a collection and giving a meal to a needy family. No one could come up with the name of a needy family, however. They had to call the Welfare Office to get the name and address of one.  
The problem with Mr. Carter’s church is the same problem most churches in America have. They are so wrapped up in their own little comfortable group of churchgoers that they ignore the needs of the lonely and hurting in their community.  
We often hear the word “compassion” used in groups that have a desire to make a difference in other people’s lives. I, for one, pray that God will give me a more compassionate spirit. I know it means putting yourself in the other person’s place, but according to the definition in the Webster’s dictionary, it goes a little further than that. It defines compassion as sorrow for the sufferings of another or others.  
I don’t have a problem feeling sorry for others, but the rest of
the definition says that feeling is accompanied by an urge to help. In other words, compassion is not completed until we have the urge to help and then take action that will help relieve their difficult circumstances. It’s only then that people realize it’s not how much you know about compassion that matters but how much you care.
Writing this article has convinced me that knowing about the trials of others and not taking action is not God’s way of helping the hurting people in our community.
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