Harry Hurst remembers

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 23, 2013

The eighth-grade students at Harry Hurst Middle School recently were able to hear the story of Anne Levy, one of the few Holocaust survivors left in the New Orleans area.
Levy shared her story of being moved to one of the ghettos in Germany to hiding in a small apartment with a very brave family to eventually being on the run after Hitler took control of the country. Some students were moved to tears when they heard what Levy, her younger sister and her parents had to endure when they were younger.
The eighth-graders had been learning about the Holocaust through their unit of study in reading class.
Levy told the students she shares her story with them because there are people out in the world who say that the Holocaust never existed. The students now are able to answer back that they have heard a first-hand account that the Holocaust did indeed happen. The students now have a true story they can share with others for many years to come.