Helping plan another special day

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 16, 2013

When I noticed one of the prongs on my diamond ring had bent, I put it away. Maybe the time had come. Maybe the conversation I had planned to have with my son Geoffrey was near.
I got engaged without a diamond ring. (The sounds you just heard were my daughters wailing and moaning and gasping for breath.) Right out of college, Michael and I began planning for our wedding and decided to put our money on appliances, furniture and car payments. In retrospect, I would have gone the traditional engagement ring route. Thirty-one years has made me older and hopefully wiser but apparently less practical.
Following the birth of my second child, Geoffrey, Michael surprised me with a diamond ring. Sometime, over the course of the years, when I realized my family was complete and Geoffrey was to be my only son, I knew, just knew, he would be offered the diamond when he selected his wife. (Don’t worry, that’s still my daughters wailing and moaning and gasping for breath.)
Not long after I had put the ring away, one or more of Geoffrey’s sisters asked him if he was going to marry Ashley Schwertz, the young lady he had been dating. (We’re not sure how long they’ve dated. He was initially very worried about her meeting us and hid us from her for a while. Imagine that!) As their conversation continued, I knew it was time to offer the diamond.
Geoffrey selected the setting for the ring, received permission from Ashley’s father and planned the
proposal. We all breathed a little easier when this sweet elementary schoolteacher from Cut Off said, “Yes!”
The whirlwind of wedding preparations has begun. My daughters almost gently advised me to stay out of it, “It’s not your party this time. Ashley’s family has their own plans and ideas, and they don’t need your help.” Like that was going to stop me.
Seriously, I’ve been very good and only offer advice when questioned. And even more seriously, Ashley already has everything organized and is making much progress for the Nov. 23 wedding. She even surprised me by asking me to join her and her mom when they shop for her wedding dress.
But wait! This may be unnecessary. I’ll just let her wear my wedding dress! (The sounds you now hear are Ashley wailing and moaning and gasping for air.)
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