Faith over fear

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 9, 2013

I’ve heard it said, and I’ve come to believe that most people tip-toe through life, waiting for a safe, secure death. I recall a Catholic priest telling me more than 38 years ago when I was depressed and not excited about living that dying was a cop-out; living the way God wanted me to live was the challenge.
The question is: Why do people just sit around waiting to die? The answer is simple; a lack of faith.  
Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. The Bible says that without faith, it is impossible to serve God. Notice – it doesn’t say it’s more difficult to serve Him but impossible to serve.
Faith will allow a person to go through life being positive, living one day at a time, not knowing what the future holds but knowing that God holds the future.
In my lifetime, I’ve noticed that people who have faith are more successful, live longer, enjoy life more and when sickness comes, recover faster. If faith is so powerful, why do the majority of people choose to live in fear?
The main reason is that we go through life watching things happen – not making things happen, not taking risks and fearing failure. Caution becomes a lifestyle. When that happens, we get bogged down in mediocrity, which is the enemy of greatness.  
We were created to do great things for God, not be a fan but a follower of Jesus. Maybe it’s time for all Christians to step out in faith and leave the results to God, Who promises to supply all of our needs.
We should all be reminded that the trial of our faith is more precious that gold.
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