All eyes will be on football Sunday

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Super Bowl of Super Bowls will be played this Sunday. The San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens will battle in front of a capacity crowd in the Superdome with more than 100 million TV viewers.
More than 5,000 media representatives will gather to cover the event. The highest paid athletes will have their sights on winning and being recognized as the best team in professional football – the world champions.
The winners and losers will receive big bonus checks for their achievement of reaching this sports spectacular. The winning team will receive a crystal football, which some players will hold up high, kiss and respect it as an idol – a god.  
With all that said, recently, I was speaking to a young man who said he couldn’t wait for the game. “Who are you pulling for?” I asked. “Nobody,” he answered. “I’m just anxious to see the TV commercials.”
I’ll look at the game, pull for San Francisco and judge what I think is the best commercial.
Recently released were the top 25 commercials over the past 24 years. Budweiser led the list with 11, followed by Pepsi with six, Doritos with three, McDonald’s with two and Nike, Snickers and American Express with one each.
In 1982, a 30-second spot cost (what I thought at the time) a ridiculous price of $324,000. On Sunday, that same spot will cost an unbelievable $3.8 million. The revenue from last year’s commercials was $262.5 million.
With all the problems in the world, the focus Sunday will be on a ballgame. I’m sure God could care less who wins the trophy, but I know He loves all the players and fans and desires that all may run the race to win the crown of everlasting life.
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