Paper’s look has changed, but mission the same

Published 10:19 am Saturday, January 19, 2013

Has it been 100 years already?
According to local historians and old newspaper clippings, Wallace Lasseigne founded L’Observateur in January 1913, and we are proud to still be the voice of the River Parishes a century later.
L’Observateur has seen many changes through the decades. Aside from a series of leadership changes, the paper has changed ownership a few times in its existence. But its mission, to be “the best along the river,” has never waivered.
Starting as a small, French-language publication run out of Lasseigne’s Reserve shop, the paper has evolved considerably in the ensuing 100 years. Now L’Observateur is fully entrenched in the digital age, using computers and digital equipment rather than typewriters and darkrooms to bring an even higher quality of information to the River Region. The newspaper also has entered the online era with a website as well as a Facebook page, so the latest news is never more than a click away.
But during this time of celebration, L’Observateur will be taking a look back at the times that shaped both the history of the paper and the history of the region, intertwined as they are. On the front page of today’s edition, you will find a brief history of the newspaper as told by one of the descendants of the founder himself. And on Wednesday, look for an even more in-depth look as L’Observateur takes a trip “Down Through the Years.”
There will be additional stories and events in the future, so be sure to keep an eye out as we celebrate this milestone.
Lastly, L’Observateur would like to extend its sincerest thanks to the community. Without your support, we could not have made it through year one much less the ensuing 99. So thank you, River Parishes, for your readership and loyalty, and here’s to the next 100 years.