Six River Parishes high school football teams are headed to the playoffs this season. Which team do you think has the best chances in the postseason?

Published 12:43 pm Wednesday, November 7, 2012

C5741DCD-9090-0001-78FBD1601CD1DA00 East St. John 14
C5741DD4-CF10-0001-2559DEE01A603410 Hahnville 9
C5741DEF-9570-0001-B96E1B6C80881A4E Lutcher 18
C5741DF5-7D50-0001-E03119FE2D601E44 Riverside Academy 18
C5741DFA-4AC0-0001-25F99ACE1A2511AC St. Charles Catholic 30
C5741DFE-35B0-0001-D8604B705830E300 West St. John 42