The prep football season is scheduled to start this weekend, which River Parishes team are you most excited about?

Published 8:05 am Tuesday, August 28, 2012

C55D3043-6A70-0001-63908490115AF7F0 East St. John High 27
C55D3050-92B0-0001-C6FAE4B012108A00 West St. John High 24
C55D3054-D540-0001-B1E41CF31AC28DD0 Destrehan High 6
C55D305D-C8F0-0001-C7E015486D201715 Hahnville High 0
C55D3064-B120-0001-F234BF90C0DFD3D0 Lutcher High 17
C55D3069-D460-0001-F61AE12C11201CDC St. James High 6
C55D306E-1AE0-0001-2F67110C14CF5420 St. Charles Catholic 118
C55D3072-82C0-0001-7FE31F9FAE90F6E0 Riverside Academy 12