The recent shootings of four St. John Parish Sheriff’s deputies motivated the region to come together as one. What did you do to show your support for those who risked or gave their lives in the name of community safety?

Published 3:03 pm Tuesday, August 21, 2012

C55B075D-E260-0001-FA1610B058D2181F Gave blood 6
C55B0761-85B0-0001-69381A00110E1346 Donated money or food to the families 5
C55B0769-B6E0-0001-518DFC401E70BDC0 Attended the vigil 6
C55B0774-E9F0-0001-7A819010E21C1D54 Offered prayers 30
C55B07A7-66D0-0001-3542A538DA681C8C All of the above 6