Remembering the good old times

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 21, 2012

One month ago, my husband’s parents were alive. It’s difficult to believe he lost both of them so quickly. An activity that has helped to ease the pain of losing two loved ones is looking through the boxes

of photographs found in their

home. So many memories were released as those boxes were opened. Pictures of my father-in-law in the Navy, snapshots from various weddings, stacks of photos of the grandchildren and even a print of a younger me, which very much resembles my daughter, Victoria. Poor child.

Thirty years ago, you might have heard me say that I would always keep up with photo albums and carefully arrange pictures in chronological order. Raising five children has erased such fantasies. Having all of my boxes of pictures in one spot is my new goal. Lofty, but I think I can do it.

 In this imaginary spot in my home, I hope to include a family photo taken on Father’s Day 2012. My oldest daughter, Monique, handed a camera to her husband, Frank, as she gathered us together for a family photo.

“Frank should be in the picture, too,” I told her as we found our places in the corner of the kitchen.

“He’s in enough pictures,” she quickly said.

Before I could respond, Frank was instructing us to “look at the camera. One, two, we’re having a baby!” And with a few clicks of the lens, he captured our reactions to the wonderful news.

We weren’t even finished with our congratulations when Monique asked us to keep it a secret until she was further along in her pregnancy. The secret lasted less than a week. Monique walked into Paw Paw Michel’s hospital room bearing bandages from her blood work and three failed attempts to locate a vein. Without hesitation, her Maw Maw looked at her and said, “You’re pregnant.” I wish I had a picture of that moment.

In the absence of a photograph, this memory will have to be recorded in the journal I’ve yet to begin

for this new addition to our family. Actually, I haven’t even bought

it, but I will. Soon. Even before I start rounding up my boxes of

photos. And in this new baby’s journal, I’ll be sure to include several stories about his/her great-grandparents.

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