How should the St. John School Board handle its search for a new superintendent?

Published 2:46 pm Tuesday, July 10, 2012

C54D81B1-4F40-0001-8DD059C0501074B0 Interview principals or administroators within the school system 15
C54D81BB-3BD0-0001-E0713040102E1D4C Look for a person with experience who is from the River Parishes 11
C54D81D3-0200-0001-A9972A901A471C93 Hire from within St. John, but outside the school system 1
C54D81E9-D7C0-0001-A4702AA719601BA8 Execute a nationwide search 210
C54D81F2-3EC0-0001-BAE81D5F1D5A1FDE Put the school board in charge of the school system 8