‘Suessical’ at St. John Theatre

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer 2012 will find St. John Theatre filled with the characters of Whoville as the theater’s production of “Suessical” takes the audience on a musical adventure through Whoville with all the characters of Dr. Suess. Don’t mistake this production as a children’s show, as adults will have a great time, and kids old enough to have read Dr. Seuss books will love it, too. Throughout the play, the Cat in the Hat pops in and out of scenes, narrating, playing numerous characters and helping the younger members of the audience keep track of the plot.

“Seussical” is directed by SJT veteran Darryl P. Clement, who will again seek to awe audiences by the splendor of the set, music, costumes, dancing, singing and the phenomenal cast. The complete cast begins with “The Cat In the Hat” played by Chris Fredric; “Thing One,” Logan Viverito; “Thing Two,” Gary Robert; “Jojo,” Luke Boucvalt; “Horton,” Sean Roussel; “Gertrude McFuzz,” Gracie Millet; “Mayzie Labird,” Chrissy Carter; “Sour Kangaroo,” Greer Millet; “Bird Girls,” Scotti Beth Lawson, Colleen Robinson, and Kalee Broussard; “Wickersham 1,” Trey McCoy; “Wickersham 2,” Jared Tregre; “Wickersham 3,” Matt Weber; “Mayor of Whoville,” Kevin Millet; “Mrs. Mayor,” Cindy Gross; “General Genghis Kahn Schmitz,” Mickey Dupont; “The Grinch,” Lance Duhe’; “Judge Yertle the Turtle,” Jeremy Guidry; and “Cindy Lou Who,” Sarah Grosse.  

Jungle Animals are Marcy Bordelon, Paige Bourgeois, Audrey Martin, Amanda Newsome, Dani Clement, Ella Marie Workmon, Hannah Boudreaux, Daniel Brown, Coran Johnson, Ty Louque, Juan Watkins, Timothy Francois Jr., Abbie Duhe, Demi Clement, Juliet Delatte, and Elizabeth Coneglio.  

Citizens of Who will be played by Alexandra Winchester, Abbey Dale, Mary Vicknair, Deborah Brown, Mike Brooks, Sara Brooks, Jenna Beber, and Madeleine Millet.

Cadets are Madeleine Millet, Trinity Hill, Christopher Hammett, Nicholas Lemoine, Desiree Faucheux, Abbie Duhe, Demi Clement, Juliet Delatte, and Elizabeth Coneglio.

Show dates are July 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28.  Advance tickets will be available beginning July 9 at Allied Express in LaPlace. Visit the website www.stjohntheatre.com or Facebook, or call 985-536-6630 for more information.