Add the personal touch for Father’s Day

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 13, 2012

While serving in the United States Navy between 1953 and 1957, I wrote to my mom and dad at least three times a week.

Many years ago, my brother Mark (now deceased) came across a letter I had written to my dad for Father’s Day 59 years ago. The letter was dated June 16, 1953.

“Dear Dad,

Well, Sunday is Father’s Day. I want to tell you I love and admire you. I’m not sending a card because I couldn’t find a card that would tell you how much you mean to me.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciated all you did for me. As far as I can remember, you always gave me anything I wanted just to make my happy. Sometimes you deprived yourself and mama of things you really needed.

You know when I used to go to school, everybody used to say you gave me anything I wanted. Even a few teachers said you were too good to me. I used to like to hear them say that because

I knew I had the best dad in the world.

I can never thank you enough for everything you did for me, but I always tried to make you proud of me. I know sometimes I did things you didn’t like, but I’m sorry for everything I ever did to hurt you.

So long for now and may God bless the best daddy in the whole world.

I love you,


My dad died suddenly in 1955. Of the many letters I wrote, this is the only one he kept. I’m glad I told him how much he meant to me while he was still alive.

This Sunday is Father’s Day. I’m sure some of you have already purchased a gift, but why don’t you consider writing your dad a personal note letting him know how you feel? He’ll never forget it.

To all the fathers – Happy Father’s Day! I hope all of you realize the awesome responsibility that goes with being a father. Accept the challenge and make a commitment to be the godly role model your children so desperately need.

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