Poll finds desire to ban all electronics while driving

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, May 15, 2012



LAPLACE – In what is becoming an annual occurrence, state lawmakers have again filed legislation regarding the use of cellular phones and other electronics behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

Bills that passed last year prohibited texting while driving for all drivers and banned cellphone use by any driver under the age of 18. Bills up for debate this year would prohibit all use of wireless devices for all drivers and would strengthen enforcement of the laws.

Are lawmakers trying to overstep their bounds? According to results of last week’s L’Observateur online poll, many in the River Parishes say no. Exactly 75 percent of those who participated in the poll said they would be for a complete ban on all electronics behind the wheel. Only 11 percent said they would allow cell phone use, but no texting. Another 9 percent said a hands-free device should be mandatory for talking and driving.

A complete breakdown is as follows:

• 9 percent of respondents chose “A hands-free device should be required to talk while driving.”

• 11 percent of respondents chose “Cell phone use is OK, but no texting at all.”

• 1 percent of respondents chose “The rules should only apply to teens and new drivers.”

• 4 percent of respondents chose “The government shouldn’t bother, the rules are too hard to enforce.”

• 75 percent of respondents chose “Ban ALL use of electronics behind the wheel.”