Legislation to restrict use of electronic communication devices in vehicles is again a debate among lawmakers. Where do you stand?

Published 2:36 pm Tuesday, May 8, 2012

C5393A15-EA80-0001-9AE022D62350FA00 A hands-free device should be required to talk while driving 16
C5393A44-1850-0001-1EE11CAD8D401436 Cell phone use is ok, but no texting at all 19
C5393A4E-A710-0001-5B891B10613F124F The rules should only apply to teens and new drivers 2
C5393A52-1E00-0001-C062126412405CC0 The government shouldn’t bother, the rules are too hard to enforce 6
C5393A9B-5010-0001-1E9217002F803C50 Ban ALL use of electronics behind the wheel 134