Residents of St. John voted to rededicate a portion of current property taxes to the recreation department. What is the best use for that money?

Published 3:16 pm Tuesday, April 24, 2012

C534BAC5-1F70-0001-37E7ED041C4A167E The parish should do more for the parks 17
C534BADA-6C40-0001-50BF210011174B10 More swimming/water recreational activites 9
C534BAE4-6BE0-0001-6E5316F054901CD1 Expand the offerings for organized sports 5
C534BAF1-E160-0001-AFAB1BD01EA06BF0 Consider activities that involve the arts 10
C534BAFB-B480-0001-B3B29EDE193AECF0 Other 65