Run for the Son race successful again

Published 11:45 pm Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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Last week, the 12th annual Fellowship of Christian Athletes “Run for the Son” race took place, with a total of 260 total runners and walkers participating.

Pierre McGraw and Giselle Jase were the first place finishers of the male and female 5K race respectively, McGraw finishing in 19:14 and Jase in 26:15.

Chris Millet and Karleigh Landry were winners of the one-mile race, Millet topping males with a time of 5:21 and Landry taking first among females with a mark of 7:28.

The “Run for the Son” was dedicated this year to the memory of Marie Ory Dupont, a St. Charles Catholic alumni who was the school’s development director in charge of Admissions and Alumni for five years. Dupont unexpectedly passed away in October of last year.

The top ten female runners in the 5K race were Giselle Jase  (26:15), Mikie Richoux (26:22), Anne Matherne (27:02),  Christina Bergeron,(29:05) , Alyssa Arceneaux (29:27), Erin Roussel (29:27), Rachel Hotard  (30:49), Dolly Forsythe (32:19),  and Gina Monica (32:31).

The top ten in the 5K male division were McGraw (19:14), Ben Bergeron (19:17),  Pierce Petit (21:52), Charles Grenier (21:58), Michael Roberts (22:02), Pat Miculek (22:49), Matthew Holland (23:20), Jason Fabre (23:35), Everett Planchet (25:22) and Anthony Manson (25:31).

All proceeds from the race were marked to benefit the local Fellowship of Christian Athletes.