Perrilloux, Torres lead SCC in golf win over JCC

Published 12:50 pm Friday, April 6, 2012

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LAPLACE — St. Charles Lance Perrilloux and Cameron Torres led the way for St. Charles this week in a victory over John Curtis at Riverlands Country Club, 187-209.

Perrilloux notched a score of 40 while Torres put up a 42 in the win. This was the third time SCC has faced Curtis in a match, and the best overall output by the Comets.

Dalton Landry scored a 49 for SCC and Emile Cupit added a 56.

Bryce Estes led Curtis with a score of 46. Travis Willsie was right behind him with a score of 47.

“We’ve faced Curtis three times and improved each time,” said St. Charles golf coach Gary Zeringue. “We had three guys in the 40’s this time. If we can get one more guy to step up, not even in the 40’s but even a 50, 51, 52, it would go a long way. That’s what we’re looking for going forward.”

It was the latest strong outing for Perrilloux, the team’s lone experienced senior.

“He’s been a very good leader for our team,” said Zeringue. “He sets a great example for our younger players and has been so consistent for us on the course. He’s scoring 38-40 pretty much every time out.”

But the surprise has been the play of Torres, a freshman who had never played competitive golf prior to this season. Torres shot a 48 in his first match to begin the year and has steadily improved since, now providing the Comets, Zeringue said, with a “One-two” punch along with Perrilloux.

“He’s been the key,” said Zeringue of Torres. “To go from never playing competitively to finishing two to four strokes behind Lance in these matches. It’s given us a chance.”

The Comets are preparing to play an 18-hole match at the Atchafalaya golf course next week that will include teams like Riverside, E.D. White and Central Catholic.

Zeringue said that it will be his team’s toughest challenge of the season.

“We haven’t played 18 holes yet, and this is a very tough course,” he said. “One of our guys went on Google and said one hole has 20 sandtraps. That’s more than Riverlands has over the entire course. The challenge is what we need, two and a half weeks out from the regional.”